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Elf on the (Damn) Shelf

I think this is the magical year, you guys. The year when we pass the Elf torch to our oldest kid. I think she can handle it. In fact, I think both of our older kids can run with this tradition. It would make my exhausted heart so happy to retire my responsibility in this sleuthy act. To help them (and you), I’ve created a compilation of previous Elf on the Shelf shenanigans. Some of our ideas require some prep, some are freaking brilliant (thanks to my husband), some are just downright lazy (hanging head in shame). The thing is…some nights ya just aren’t in the mood for a Pinterest-worthy elfin operation. Sometimes you just wanna get to bed. Sometimes you’re already in bed and have to get out to move the damn adorable Christmas leprechauns. My hope is that these ideas will give you the creative edge you need to make some magic for your own little munchkins. God speed to you amazing parents during this most wonderful time of the year.

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