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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

I’m a kid-at-heart. So I’m a huge fan of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. True, the classic movie that opened on the production of this parade helped foster my adoration for the event. But I honestly just love this tradition every year. Each Wednesday night before the holiday, I get psyched as I imagine our sweet morning with our kiddos lounging around all morning in jammies. Rare as it may be with small, unpredictable children, the reality always exceeds my expectations. I love hanging with my 3 faves as we nosh on chocolate-chip pancakes, bake Turkey Day goods, and click back and forth between the CBS and NBC coverage. (FYI, NBC is always better.) I love the giant floats as they sail past skyscrapers. I love the marching bands who come from (oftentimes underprivileged) schools from all over the country (and contain excited students who’ve never traveled to NYC before). I love getting to see numbers from all the Broadway musicals (so I can dream about my return to the best city ever). I love the anticipation of Santa throughout the 3-hour show. I love it all! Well, as long as you don’t count the awkward banter between the hosts. Don’t love that. But the banter between my kids while the festivities are happening? Love that! Here’s a throwback to a clip I took of my kids as they enthusiastically watched my beloved parade in 2012…


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