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Thanksgiving Book Recs

I’m a theme person, so we have plenty of holiday appropriate books in our house. After 11 years, they quickly add up. But these two are faves in our house and with Turkey Day fast approaching, you should read them this week too!

fancyIf you haven’t yet enjoyed the Jane O’Connor Fancy Nancy series, you simply must. They are truly extraordinary (that’s a fancy word for special). And this particular Thanksgiving book was perfectly penned. I loved Fancy Nancy’s take on her family’s Thanksgiving celebration and to get to vicariously live through her experience. Although I’ve admittedly moved right along to Christmas prep, this read is making me excited for T-Day!

the-night-before-thanksgivingThe Night Before series has been a favorite of mine since my step-mom Mary, introduced me to it several years ago. Apparently author Natasha Wing shares my love for making those moments leading up to every holiday special. And I enjoy adding to our Night Before collection whenever possible. This week: The Thanksgiving edition. Adorbs. Even the part about the weird uncle.

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