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Groundhog Day

Scoff at me if you must, but I like to make every day special. So, it seems obvious to me that Groundhog Day is worthy of celebration. Over the years, I’ve come up with some ways to make an ordinary, freezing cold day into something that my kids think is extraordinary. (Read: I perused Pinterest in search of the easiest ways to make my kiddos’ eyes sparkle that would require the least amount of effort on my part.) To make your life easier, I’ve gathered my tried and true 2/2 ideas right here for you. Though you should still totally go follow me on Pinterest!

Groundhog Pancakes

Directions: Let your sous chef(s) stir your pancake batter for you while you preheat your griddle. Then, make some regular-size ‘cakes along with some mini ones for groundhog jowls and even tinier ones for ears. After they are cooked to your liking, start assembling the animal faces using mini marshmallows for teeth and eyes and chocolate chips for noses and pupils. Fair warning: If you do this once, they will expect it every single year, so serve this breakfast with caution.

Groundhog Pie


Directions: This is a simple dirt cake recipe. Some folks use pudding, some use ice cream. It makes no difference what you put inside your pie. Heck, just buy a store-bought one if you want. The important thing is the crushed up Oreos on top that create the dirt look. Then just hand draw the best groundhog that you can on a tan piece of cardstock or on a brown paper bag or whatevs. Cut out the cutie face and a coupla paws and stick them right into the “dirt”. They’ll find your minimal effort to be magical.

Groundhog Pudding Snacks

Directions: This is a smaller version of the Groundhog Pie. Pick up some pudding cups, Milano cookies, slivered almonds, Oreos, and an edible pen/decorating gel. Then, crush up some chocolate sandwich cookies and sprinkle the crumbs onto the pudding. Draw a face onto the cookie and “glue” some nutty ears onto it (with frosting/decorating gel/cream cheese/pudding) before you stick it into the “dirt”.

Groundhog Day Movie


We introduced our kids to this PG-rated film for the first time last year and it was a hit with them. We may just have to watch this one annually! (Tip: We found it on Amazon.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a la Groundhog Day style, do NOT feel obligated, pressured, or any other negative motivation to do something special for this average day that’s masquerading as a holiday. Also, feel zero guilt if you DO something. Whatever kind of parent you are is just perfect. Whether you find reason to celebrate the small things (like Punxsutawney Phil waking up from a nap) or you decide to skip the 6-weeks of winter/spring hoopla, just enjoy your February 2nd to the fullest!

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