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Flashback: Record Player

IMG_E0405It was 1984. I was 6 years old. I received two completely random albums for Christmas. Anne Murray, because I (badly) sang Time Don’t Run Out On Me at Ken Cousin’s in Milwaukee with my family’s band (Family Affair) when they had gigs there each summer. And Prince, because it was all the rage that year. I was thrilled to discover these two pieces of nostalgia at my mom’s house. Side Note: Purple Rain is still one of my favorite albums ever, but my kids don’t get to listen to Darling Nikki until they are adults. 😂💜


Other notable album finds at my childhood home – The Jets and Debbie Gibson. I was a fangirl of both. But nothing could top my obsession of The Jets. I was absolutely convinced that I was separated from my musical Polynesian family at birth and I just knew I was destined to be their 9th band member. I spent countless hours just staring at each of their faces as I deciphered which sibling I resembled the most. (Kathi.) My kids who have the privilege of growing up knowing both of their parents have no idea just how good (and kinda boring) they have it!

And as for Deborah (as she later went as), I idolized her. Her spiky hair. Her fashion sense. Her childlike voice. Her lyrics. I mean, does it get any deeper than this?

Now it’s you
Out of the blue
Love appeared
Before my eyes with you
Dream come true
I never thought I’d realize
What love was, what love was,
What love was

And now, all these years later, I finally know what Ms. Gibson was talking about. And who didn’t love seeing the pop princess perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year?!

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