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Superbowl Sunday


In another life, I was an advertising instructor. So as a tribute to a former student, let’s recap my favorite opening line to a college paper he submitted:
“Super bowel Sunday is a very popular Sunday.”
Cheers to you, college-educated person, for giving me a story to tell every single year when the Super bowel comes around.
And let’s pay another tribute to the year the Packers went to the Super Bowl and I became a fair-weather fan to support my green and gold loving husband. I donned the ugly colors and pretended to care that they won.


Truth be told, I don’t know much about the game, but I absolutely love the ads and the excuse to make a copious amount of football-shaped treats. Go, Pack, Go! (Or whoever happens to be playing this year. 😉
P1040405Recipe: Football Cake Pops
a box of your fave cake mix
a tub of frosting
melting chocolate
white decorator icing
1) Bake cake.
2) Let cool.
3) Crumble cake into tiny little crumbs.
4) Mix crumbs with enough frosting for it to be moldable.
5) Shape into something resembling a football. (Just do the best ya can hear.)
6) Stick in freezer to harden a tad.
7) Melt chocolate.
8) Dip hardened loosely-shaped footballs into melted chocolate.
9) Let set in fridge.
10) Draw football seams on with decorator icing.
11) Take pic to document your attempt at making themed food.
12) Enjoy.

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