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Top 10: Date Ideas

IMG_6579V-Day is fast approaching! (Just to be clear, in my world V-Day means Valentine’s Day. Not like snip-snip day.) To help you prepare for the big event, I’m sharing some unique date ideas. Sure, dinner and a movie is great. And I highly recommend this classic. But if you want something truly memorable, make plans for one of these activities on 2/14 instead. Be sure to tag me in your fun pics on social, so I can see the awesome time you had on your best date night ev-ah!

  1. Arcade – When I was growing up, there was no Fortnite or apps. No You Tube gamers or Roblox. Instead, you had to literally go to an arcade to play games. Gameland was the place to be in our small town. Though they are tougher to find these days, go on a hunt for an arcade in your area. (They may be masquerading as a family-friendly restaurant.) Grab your partner and some coins for a bit of nostalgic fun. Bonus points if you take a kissy pic in the photo booth!
  2. Escape Room – For you truly adventurous types (hand raised!), spend 60 minutes locked in a room with some strangers (or gather your closest friends for this feat). Together, you’ll search for clues to beat the clock and win the game. I promise that nobody is worse at solving these mysteries than me. Nobody. And yet, I’m always up for the memory-making challenge. Go have fun!
  3. Take a class – Find a class to take and learn a new skill with your date like cooking, painting, or glass-blowing. PS It’s definitely not a competition. But trash talking is totally allowed. Obvi.
  4. Rock Climbing – Whether it’s a literal rock, or an indoor wall with colored pegs, chalk up your hands and go on a journey with your partner up that mountain. Cheer each other on Waterboy style. “You can do eet!”
  5. Bowling – Remember the early years when you needed to find some cheap entertainment? Channel your young love energy and slip your feet into some undoubtedly 100% sanitized bowling shoes. And don’t forget to sing “Score Tonight” from Grease 2 while you’re knocking down the pins.
  6. Live Show – Maybe it’s a Broadway show, a stand-up comedy set, or live music at a local bar, Valentine’s Day is just a great excuse to go support the arts.
  7. Serve – Spread some love by serving at a local food bank, homeless shelter, or nursing home. This will fill up their love tanks as well as your own.
  8. Sporting Event – Even if sports isn’t your thing (and especially if it’s your forever date’s thing) snag some tix to a sporting event and go cheer on your fave team! Or better yet, be the biggest fans at an event you care nothing about.
  9. Hotel Room – “Get a room” isn’t just a jokey phrase here. Seriously, get. a. room! Book a sitter and be tourists as you stay overnight in your own town. Or keep it spicy and surprise your partner by slipping them your room key.
  10. Photo Shoot – In case you wanna stick to a more classic date, but feeling a little bit adventurous, I’ve got ya covered. CLICK HERE for a list of photos I made for you to recreate while you’re out to dinner. This will make date night more entertaining both for you and those around you! (Pretty please tag me in your pics so I can see them!)

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