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Friends, it is an impossible feat to sum up my Rise weekend. But I’ll give it a go. Imagine walking into a room feeling alone, vulnerable, self-conscious, and wondering if you made a mistake. (Hand raised.) Then, 3 short days later, leaving that room feeling fierce, confident, capable, and hugging people so tightly that you don’t want to let go. (Also me.)

That’s Rise.

Rise is a conference created by media mogul Rachel Hollis. It’s a weekend packed with dynamic speakers who teach on topics that assist women to let go of their past, embrace their present, and strive toward the future of their dreams. Every woman should attend a weekend like this. Each one of us could greatly benefit from the positive and empowering messages shared both from the stage as well as in conversation with other attendees. Something incredible happens when women band together, lifting each other up. When one woman rises, we all do. It’s a truly incredible thing!

I returned home energized and ready to pursue my goals with even more passion. I’m dreaming big and looking forward to a bright future!

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