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Guilty Pleasures

IMG_0027In writing a personal growth book about guilt, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about guilty pleasures. Why? Because I strongly believe that everyone should have some go-to items that instantly make them happy. Though I do think you should ditch the guilt about your joy-boosters. Here are some of mine:
  • Zyia Pants

No, I’m not a consultant. Yes, I am a big fan of these super soft, comfy, high-waisted leggings. Anything that gets me feeling good in advance of a workout is a big bonus. The guilt comes by way of the price tag, but the pleasure is too good to pass ’em by. I’m a fan.

  • Amazon Shopping

My day instantly turns brighter when I open the mailbox or front door and find a package waiting for me. But clicking that Buy Now button also brings some delight. Thank you, Amazon Prime for making my shopping dreams come true in a day or two.

  • Mani/Pedis

This is my happy place. I can be on the verge of a meltdown when I walk into the nail salon.  One pampered hour (or two) later and voila… I’m a new woman. My favorite place includes a hot stone massage. And I almost always get some nail art, because it continues to make me smile every time I look at it following my lovely treatment.

  • Books

I’m a total sucker for books. New releases. Classics. Kindle reads. Audible listens. Fiction. Non-fiction. I’m a fan of it all. I read new books all the time, and it makes me happy to escape reality in a rich novel or to learn new things with a personal growth book.

  • Netflix

Whether I’m just starting my morning afresh with a workout or vegging with my husband to close the day out, Netflix is da bomb. Even the logo and recognizable Netflix music get me excited for the impending entertainment.

  • Wine

There’s something about pouring myself a glass of cab sav to savor while I’m preparing dinner that just brings me enjoyment. Even before that first taste passes my lips, I feel my muscles relax. This admission makes me feel slightly guilty. But cheers to this pleasure anyway!

  • Facials/Massages

I used to think of this as pampering. Well, I still do. But I’m also wise enough to recognize both treatments as healthcare. So, guilt, melt away right along with all the tension in my body!

  • Traveling

Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing the world with my love. Whether we are alone, with friends, or with our kiddos, I’m happiest when we are on a beach or exploring a new city or road tripping across state lines. Heck, even the act of researching and planning a trip releases oxytocin!

  •  Flowers

I have no qualms with buying myself flowers just because. What? I deserve it! And so do you! The pop of color and the lovely fragrance just brightens any room.

  • Writing

Jeff and I have created a beautiful life for ourselves and writing reminds me of this truth. I love the creative outlet I have for writing through my blog, social media, and my books. I love choosing and editing pictures. I love scrolling through and conjuring up memories of past experiences. It helps me to be a more grateful person. When I’m caught in a moment of feeling defeated and frustrated, a few minutes on my blog always helps to bring me back to a carefree moment. It is so much more than a hobby or even a guilty pleasure. It has become a very rich part of my already blessed life.

So tell me. What are your guilty pleasures?!

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