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It’s a Holly-Day

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41. As of today, that’s how many birthdays I’ve had. In my years on this earth, I’ve been gifted with so many memorable birthday presents. But I’m gonna focus on just a handful of them. In no particular order, here are 10 of my fave birthday presents!

  1. Purse – As an elementary school kid, gifts like this were always a treat to receive where the surprise didn’t end with the unwrapping of the present. Nope, with the slide of the zipper (on my new blue crossover purse with rainbow hearts on it) I discovered a slew of other goodies! In fact, I’d love a present like this this year!
  2. iPad – I couldn’t justify it. I knew I didn’t need it. Yet I just wanted to be part of the cool wave and own one. So, my husband surprised me for my 34th with the latest (at the time) Apple invention. Naturally, my kids got more use out of my birthday present than I did/do.
  3. Trek Bike – I’d wanted a big-kid 10-speed bike for what felt like forever. On the night before my birthday, my mom told me we were going up to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house as soon as she got ready. I was convinced it was happening! I just knew that she had my bike waiting there to surprise me. Giddy beyond containment, I talked my mom’s ear off. Finally, she walked to our back bedroom and I followed her with more words. But I was speechless when I discovered my brand new colorful bike. The one I’d hoped for!
  4. Clear Phone – At age 13, my mom agreed to let me get a phone line in my bedroom and she sealed the deal when she gifted me with my very own Unisonic see-through phone. I mean, it was, like, totally rad.
  5. Technotronic Tape – To be honest, when I unwrapped that cassette single, I didn’t totally know who the dance band was. But you better believe I told cool girl Danielle Stelse that I did when she questioned me about it. And I’ve never forgotten that otherwise non-memorable gift.
  6. Velvet Elvis Birthday Card – My brother has a way with picking out the most hilarious cards for me. But never has he been able to top the velvet Elvis card that read “Have a hunk-a, hunk-a birthday cake.”
  7. Popple Watch – Remember those stuffed animals that could tuck inside themselves? You know, like the 80’s version of a Pillow Pet? Well, when they released watches I knew I had to get me one. Lo and behold, I unwrapped one for my bday one year and I proudly donned that gigantic, furry wrist clock in July.
  8. Homemade Cake – One year my mom made me a homemade birthday cake. Even as a kid, I had an editing eye, so I quickly noticed something off. It was missing a letter, so it read “Happy Birtday”. Now, I’m not proud of myself, but I did not take this detail in stride. I was pissed. Thankfully, what I received was a good lesson in not sweating the small stuff, because my mom’s carefree response and ability to laugh it off set the tone for all of my guests to think lightly about the mistake as well. And from then on I got professional cakes from Bittner Bakery. 🙂
  9. Fruit Bouquet – I am a sucker for bouquets – flowers, cookies, whatevs. One year, my friend Jeni had a fruit bouquet delivered to me. The sad thing was that I was out of the country and unable to enjoy it. I was sad for half a second until I realized that I was in Mexico and had fresh fruit at my beck and call for days. This allowed me to truly feel joy when I received a pic of my kids and all the neighbor kids enjoying a picnic and eating the gorgeous display of birthday fruit.
  10. Diamond earrings – Holly Golightly said it’s tacky to wear diamonds before you’re 40. So, last year ON my 40th, I picked out a pair of diamond studs from Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue in New York City. Best birthday present ever, if I do say so myself!

Take a walk down birthday memory lane with me and share some of your fave birthday presents over the years!

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