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Moulin Rouge

It’s been a desire of mine to get to this place ever since the 2001 brilliant Baz Luhrmann film was released. But, never did I think I would get to do more than just stand outside the red windmill. And certainly, I never imagined that I’d be attending a show in the famous theater!
But that’s exactly what happened!
After capturing some shots outside, my girls and I went inside and snapped some more photos! Unfortunately, though, my invisibility cloak was donned, so I got cut out of this pic by our makeshift photographer.
One last (heavily filtered) selfie (my teeth are not that white) before entering the theater and “turning off our phones” as required.
Breaking the law and taking pictures inside the theater. Shhhh, don’t tell.
The wine was flowing and laughs were had as we watched the risque show.
The most interesting part of the show was jaw-droppingly creepy, disturbing, and left me speechless long after it was over. This You Tube video doesn’t quite capture how terrifying this act was. Two different times, a snake climbed out of the tank and successfully made it halfway out before a theater stagehand assisted it back into the water. I was tremendously grateful that I wasn’t one of the people with a front row seat!
As we were leaving the theater, some girls approached us and said it looked like we were having fun. No big shock to us as people had been telling us that all week long. However, these South African friends sat next to us on the Eurostar over from London two days before. What are the chances of that?!
Some of us enjoyed the show more than others, but we were all in agreement that it was quite a memorable experience!

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