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Top 10: Summer of ’19 (so far)

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As a blogger, I’ve penned many Top 10 lists. More specifically, I’ve written many Top 10 lists about summer. In anticipation of the season, I’ve shared things I was looking forward to in the warmer months. Heading into fall, I’ve reflected on my favorite summertime events. But never before have I captured some of my faves mid-sunshine. So, in no particular order, here are some things I’ve enjoyed exactly one month into the most wonderful time of the year!
1. Pool Days
Most mornings, my crew rolls out of bed and heads straight to the pool. Often, we campout there for hours at a time soaking up some rays and splashing around. Life is simply sweeter sitting by a body of water, no?
2. Bike Rides
Whether with my son, my youngest, (the 11yo is always “too tired” to go for a leisurely ride), or all by myself, I absolutely love biking around my neighborhood. I feel more alive when I’m outdoors with the wind at my back. I long for even more biking experiences as the summer continues!
3. Must-See Summer TV
Post-bedtime (or perhaps mid-bedtime depending on how obedient our kids are being), Jeff and I will retire to the basement for as much TV as I can watch before I pass out. (Dude, I am notorious for falling asleep like 3 minutes in.) On the nights I can stay up super late (like 9 or 9:30) we will watch an episode or two of our current shows – Dead to Me and Big Little Lies. I love this summer tradition of popping some corn and vegging out with my guy.
4. Cardio Tennis
Sure, I’ve only attended one of these classes so far this summer, but after the fantastic workout playing my fave sport, I hope to return. Perhaps after I’ve taken some lessons. 😉
5. Convertible Drives
I’ve owned my dream car for 3 years now and it hasn’t gotten old yet. I still squeal with delight just to even look at the beaut. But to drive it is heavenly. And this summer, I’ve enjoyed transporting my kids in it even more than the old stand-by mini van.
6. Porch Time
Not mine, mind you. But my neighbor’s. The best days end sipping adult beverages with our besties while relaxing in their 4 matching rocking chairs. If we are extra lucky, we are sharing a huge tray of charcuterie and we finish it off with s’mores around a bonfire.
7. Golf Lessons
In a former life, I worked as an administrative assistant for a benefits company. One of my tasks was organizing employee golf outings. Therefore, I also had the pleasure of participating despite the fact that I’d never ever played before. More than a decade later and I’m finally getting around to taking some lessons. Aaaaaand I’m just as gifted as I was as a 20-something back in the day. But I’m enjoying the outdoor time, learning a new skill, and meeting some new beauties!
8. Fun Nails
More than any other time of year, I feel more freedom for brightly colored nails in the sunny months. And this year, I’m particularly drawn to yellow. I love getting my calloused feet scraped free of dead skin cells and prettied up for strappy sandals and I’ve loved picking fun patterns and colors for all of my digits!
9. Downtown Dates
Hands down, one of my favorite things to do ever is to sit outside at a cafe or bar and hear a musical artist perform on a summer night. I haven’t had the pleasure of too many of these yet, but I’m gonna go book some dates right now! Uninterrupted conversation, I’m coming for ya!
10. Sunset Yoga
Friends, this class is a staple of my summer. It’s just breath-taking to be out in nature listening to the birds and the breeze and the crickets as I stretch out my chronically aching body and calm my always racing mind.

Summer of 2019, I love you. You have been and will continue to be thoroughly and purposefully enjoyed!

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