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Ride for Ray

Hi Ray,
I hope this message finds you and your family doing well!
Ever since my appointment with you in late April, your words have been on my mind. I just want to let you know how much you’ve impacted my life. Not just in your attitude toward your diagnosis, but in the care you’ve provided to me and my family over the last 8ish years.
See, when I was pregnant with my daughter (now 7) you were the care provider I was hoping to have deliver her. You’d been in the room with me and my family when my sister delivered her first baby girl. Your calm, patient, peaceful presence was unmistakable. I wanted your optimism and laid-back attitude toward the natural experience of childbirth in the room with me. Sadly, you weren’t on call. (Which I knew in advance because I’d peeked at the schedule during my prenatal appointments.😉 )
We tried again two more times, but never had the pleasure of delivering with you. What we did experience, though, was your waterbirth class (which was super empowering and assisted in our first birth). In addition, I have had prenatal, postpartum, annual exams, and a post-ultrasound appointment with you. Each encounter with you was memorable due to the peace you exude and leave in your wake.
But none more than my last visit with you.
Though clearly disappointed in the life changes you were experiencing, you still managed to maintain an attitude of optimism and perseverance. Your love for your wife is undeniable. Your passion for the life you’ve experienced and the life you’ve yet to live is enviable. Your adoration for your kids and grandson is overwhelming. It’s inspiring and motivating. It was an honor listening to you share your plans for recording videos and sharing your journal with your daughter. What a privilege you and they have. Hearing your heart made me fall more in love with my own husband and kids. Thank you for the sweet reminder to love my loves to the best of my ability, for each of our days our numbered whether we have a diagnosis or not.
Truthfully, I wish I would’ve asked you if I could’ve prayed for you right then. But I feared that 1) I’d be putting you in an unprofessional position and 2) that we are of different faiths and I wanted (and still want) to respect your own faith. Regardless, I apologize for not offering. But please know that I am covering you and your loved ones in prayer. Asking the Holy Spirit for peace, comfort, great medical care, wisdom in decision-making on your care, for awesome new memories to be made with your friends and family, for physical strength, for continuation of the activities that you are passionate about (like biking), and most boldly, for complete healing!
Ray, thank you for the phenomenal care you’ve given my family over the last decade. Thank you for being such a rockstar in our community – everyone I know has wonderful words to say about you. Thank you for the positive impact you’ve made in the world of childbirth in C-U. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person simply from the spirit you carry. It’s such an honor to know you. I wish for you the same peace you always leave with me.
Big hugs to you and yours!
With tremendous love and respect,
Holly Melby
Sarah, Bella, Ray 2 copy 2

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