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Top 10: Fall

DSN_4989-Editcopy.jpgI’m a summer girl. I absolutely love the hot season and look forward to it all year long. But by the end of the dog days, though depression sets in at the thought of it coming to a close, I also find myself craving routine again. I’m ready. Ready for kids to go back to school and for a family system. Ready to reclaim some alone time and to get some projects completed. Ready for tasks I complete to stay finished for longer than 15 minutes. So long, summer! I’m moving on and looking forward! Below are 10 things I’m excited about regarding the fall season:

  1. Pumpkin Everything
  • I know it’s obnoxiously trendy to rave about the giant orange gourds, but I absolutely love the flavor of pumpkin. Pumpkin bars. Pumpkin whoopie pies. Pumpkin pie. You name it. I can’t wait to fill my house with the delicious scent!

2.  Fires

  • I miss having a fire blazing during the summer months so much, so once the temps start to drop, my fireplace is burning in my house almost constantly. Besides the glorious heat it provides throughout the colder months, I simply love the ambiance those flames provide while I’m preparing meals, working, or just chilling!

3.  Curtis Apple Orchard

  • A local tradition that we’ve come to love. Apple donuts. Apple cider. Kittens. Pumpkin patch. Making memories with my kids. Also, I love the energy my kids burn while they are happily playing outside and not on screens.

4.   Kansas City

  • Every fall, I attend a chiropractic seminar with my husband in KC. I love the road trip with friends, the opportunity to learn and be inspired, reconnecting with our fave peeps from around the country…the weekend never disappoints.

5.   Our 21st Anniversary

  • 21 years with the man I love seems like something worth looking forward to! Yay for September 6th!

6.   Sweatshirts

  • While I do love getting all dolled up, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl at heart. I love that time of night when it just sounds good to pull on a hoodie or oversized sweater and get cozy.

7.   Bonfires

  • Though I have big plans to have a gorgeous bonfire pit someday, for now I’m more than content to sit in our neighbor’s driveway around their mobile fire pit. It’s one of my many happy places. And bonus if there are marshmallows involved!

8.   Halloween

  • There are few things that are cuter than seeing kids walking down the street peering out from underneath huge costumes. Some of my faves from the Melby costume memory vault include a hot dog, a honey pot and a Care Bear. Add to that: The Great Pumpkin visiting (a family tradition of surprises being left on our porch by the Great Pumpkin himself). Watching the famous Charlie Brown special. Carving pumpkins. (Ok, I hate that one, but I love that my kids’ dad takes on that messy, annoying task!) Listening to Thriller on repeat. Making and devouring spooky, Pinterest-inspired treats. Bring it, Halloween!

9.   Thanksgiving

  • Chocolate-chip pancakes have been a tradition for Jeff and I for 23 years now. We nosh on them while watching the Macy’s parade and I look forward to it every year. I’ve always loved Turkey Day. I can’t wait for the long weekend to eat delicious food while hangin’ with the ones we love and focusing on all the things we’re thankful for. Corny, perhaps. But true, nonetheless.

10.  Christmas

  • Oooookay, so it’s technically not a part of fall. At all. However, I tend to start celebrating way earlier than most people. Don’t judge. So, the holiday season totally belongs on my fall list!

And just like that, I’m not sad about summer ending anymore! Come on, fall, I’m ready for ya!

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