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The Rocks That I Got


We were engaged in March of 1998. Our proposal story is modest. But the authentic simplicity is what makes it so romantic. (Note to self to blog about that winter’s night sometime.)

A few years spent as newlyweds and our gold bands were already out of style. 😂 So we made big plans to select new ones at our 5-year anniversary.

Welp, 5 came and went in the blink of an eye. By the time we remembered that we ever wanted new rings, gold was all the rage again (plus we had no moolah) so we kept donning our original bands. (Well, until CrossFit became a thing and Jeff switched over to a fancy rubber ring. Ha!)

But then! 20 years in, Jeff planned a surprise trip for me. We ended up in Colorado where we had honeymooned decades ago. My diamond-slinger friend Kelly at Tender Loving Carats had conspired with my man to pull off the surprise. Like the Tiffany’s scene from Sweet Home Alabama, a slew of hand-selected rings was displayed for me to choose from. It was dreamy and I think of that magical trip every time I look at my rock!


Do you wear your original or upgraded bling?

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