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You are Enough


untitled-102All the mushy cliches are true. I didn’t know how much love I was capable of feeling. Kids are like a piece of your heart walking around in human form. It goes by so fast.

All of the other cliches are true, too. It takes a village. This too shall pass. Bring wine.

The fact of the matter is that parenting is tough. Really tough. It’s not lost on me how challenging it is to be a mother. With all the gifts, words of encouragement, and pampering from my family, I tend to also feel the weight of imperfection, of failure, and of feeling undeserving of them celebrating my role as a mom. So, today as I reflect, I will remember the simple truth that despite my weaknesses and regardless of my mistakes, I am enough. And so are you.

My heart goes out to those of you who are trying and waiting for that precious one to arrive whether it’s your first or fifth. Don’t give up. You are enough.

I’m with you, single moms, as you grind every day to create a better life for your kid(s). A better life for you. You are enough.

For the mamas who lost a child too soon, you are a warrior. We all look at you and your level of grace and strength in awe. You are enough.

I feel you, SAHMs. You perform at a high-level capacity, but your job isn’t prestigious in the slightest. You are enough.

To you gals who have two careers – working outside the home while simultaneously raising people – your kids are lucky to have such a strong role model to look up to. You are enough.

You mothers turned grandmothers who have raised grown men and women yet still feel like you’re trying to figure out this parenting gig. You are enough.

For the step-moms who are trying to find the delicate balance of being all in yet providing the necessary amount of space for the kids in their life. You are enough.

I see you, adoptive moms. I see you patiently waiting for your chance to have that coveted title. I see you holding your sweet one in your arms and bonding like you’ve always belonged to each other. You are enough.

To all of you mamas out there, regardless of where you find yourself on the parenting spectrum, may today be one of reflection and gratitude for your journey. You are enough.

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  1. Beautiful Holly! You had me in tears (although pregnancy hormones helped.) Thank-you for blessing me today with your working Mom email and this post. It’s true, and I want to embrace it.

    • Keep on killin’ it, mama! It’s hard work momming. The hardest. You are loving your babies so so well! 😘

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