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Pretty Woman

I am a big fan of the 1990’s film Pretty Woman. Big, huge! Inappropriately, I first saw this movie about the life of a prostitute when I was just 12 years old. From that point on, the Garry Marshall film was watched religiously, including when I was babysitting. Apparently I had approval from the young, impressionable kids’ mom to watch Pretty Woman every single day for an entire summer, because we did. I can quote every single line from beginning to end. (“What’s your dream?”) So I was psyched to see the Broadway production with my bestie from junior high Sharon.

In addition to the opening set being fantastically flattering (I WILL hike to the Hollywood sign some day!), the cast was absolutely outstanding. Every single person was strong, but none more than (“What do you want it to be?”) Vivian. Her voice was butter. And she perfectly fit the character. Julia Roberts would be proud. Sharon and I loved every single second of this production and we highly recommend snagging a seat if the show comes to a town near you!

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