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It’s the Little Things

Not gonna lie, I freak out with excitement every time I spot this cute fella in my yard as if a unicorn just ran past my window. Can you blame me?IMG_4245

But it makes me wonder, how many unicorns run past me every day that I don’t even notice. Do I live too inside my head? Is my nose buried too deep in my work? Am I so focused on my to-do list that I miss the things worth living for?

I long to be more intentional, more interruptible, more joyful. It’s a process for me. I tend to be a goal-oriented person and I very much dislike when a project I’m working on gets disrupted. But I’m in training and I vow to get better at living in the moment.

How about you? When’s the last time you stopped to observe the world around you? Is it possible that, like me, you’re missing some incredible things happening in your midst? I challenge you to take a moment to be still today. To look and listen and just be present. You may be surprised by the insight and the sights you see!

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