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A Lesson in Self-Talk

When I look at this picture, I can effortlessly list off a slew of things that I see wrong…wrinkles, my lazy outfit selection, how my curls are twisted together, and the list goes on. And on.

Girls, I bet you can relate.

But what if women started looking at themselves differently? What if we treat ourselves with the same kindness that we extend to others? What if we look beyond what we deem as imperfections and instead focus on the positive?

A lovely afternoon spent with my sweet friend, Val, when she captured this shot of me. That crazy soft shirt and how I want to wear it every. single. day. How my talented friend Kelsie worked her magic on my hair. The fact that my smile, complete with crinkly nose, authentically captures the joy I feel in my life.

Let’s shift our thinking, ladies! (Preaching to myself here.) When the negative self-talk comes, simply let it pass by you. Instead, see the good in yourself. In doing so, we will raise up the next generation to be more confident in their own skin.DSN_4768-Editcopy.jpg

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