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Top 10: Traits I Love about Caden

My son is easy to love. I mean, really easy. From the moment he entered the world, he was just the sweetest little thing. 10 years later and he’s still that same smiley little boy. My mama heart simply couldn’t let this milestone double digit birthday slip by without writing a Top 10 list of traits I love about Caden.

Melby-226-ZF-2206-14474-1-001-0341) Joyful

Caden is a jolly fellow. Always has been. So it was very fitting when at just 5 years old, he wrote a song entitled Happy Face.

Happy face happy face don’t be sad
Happy face happy face don’t be mad
Don’t be sad
Don’t be mad
Happy face happy face be happy every day


2) Kind

Simply put, he’s just a good person. He wouldn’t say or do anything that would hurt someone. He’s approachable, he’s friendly. His warmth can brighten a room. Being around him inspires me to be a better human.

MELBY_IVAN-173) Easy-going

Like his father, Caden has a laid-back, chill personality which just makes him easy to be around. He doesn’t complain about much. He goes with the flow. And he will patiently spend hours following his mom and sisters around the mall as we weave our way through store after store. It doesn’t get much more easy-going than that!

DSC_03754) Adventurous

Always eager to try new things, he is an adventurer. Whether it’s rock climbing or tae kwon do, skiing or riding roller coasters, Caden is up for the challenge. What’s more, he’s one of those annoying people who catches on to new skills quickly. I’m jealous, but I love him for that.

04 - IMG_07085) Smart

Effortlessly, Caden always ranks as one of the top students in his class. Yet he doesn’t even seem to notice his own intelligence which creates a bonus trait I admire – his humility.

328521_913004948977_37601186_39986906_69814217_o6) Cute

OMG, I’ve swooned over this fella since he was in diapers. For reals, he was an attractive baby. Now that he’s a man of ten he’s even more adorable. Just ask the girls at school. I regularly have moms tell me that their daughters have a crush on the young Melby boy. He’s soooooo cute!

untitled-1157) Snuggly

Thank God Caden shares one of my top love languages – physical touch. This cat nuzzles in and just melts me. I honestly don’t think he’d ever get his fill of cuddles and I am here. for. it!

IMG_00888) Caring

Caden was a caring soul long before his little sister arrived. But this quality became glaringly obvious when Zoey entered his world. With tenderness, he’d hold his baby sis. He’d softly sing to her to calm her. Lovingly, he’d stand close to keep her safe. 5 years in and his role as protector in her life remains. My son will make an excellent spouse someday.

_MG_84189) Honest

No doubt, he’s a man of his word. There’s rarely a thing he utters that leaves me feeling skeptical. ‘Cept maybe when I ask about dental hygiene. But really truly, you can trust the things he says.

melby-381-ZF-3665-75776-1-001-09810) Dedicated

Whether it’s his school work, friendships, or his position in Roblox, the kid is dedicated. He will spend countless hours building something, learning something, or playing something. His level of dedication is admirable.

IMG_4630Caden, you have made our lives indescribably better. And your mark on the world is tremendous. Thank you for being our live-in example of what it means to be a good person. You inspire us. We wouldn’t change a thing about you! Happy 10th Birthday, Bubba Luke!


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