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Top 10: Dream Jobs


I’m a dreamer. Remember that game MASH? Where you wrote down the names of boys, houses, careers, etc. and then you’d instantly know what lay ahead in your future? Yeah, I loved that game. Thankfully, my real-life turned out way better than any of my elementary school game outcomes. But my imagination still runs wild with career dreams. Here is a handful that leave me with regrets for not pursuing them…

1) Pixar Voice-over
Picture me: In my jammies. Donning those ginormous headphones. And acting with only my voice. That’d be awesome, no?! I’d love to do the voice-over for a cute animated character.

2) Advertising Copywriter
Duh. This is the reason I got my master’s. But somewhere along the way my goals of working 80 hours/week for a big-name advertising agency were replaced with repeating the same phrases to my kids 80 times a week. Still, the dream remains.

3) Published Children’s Book Author
Oh how I’d love to write kid’s books! In fact, I did write one and have several ideas for more. I just need to get myself an agent and make the dream of being a published author a reality!

4) ELLEN Writer
I heart Ellen. And it sounds like a blast to get to work closely with her and her writing team. You know, the people who write the jokes that she delivers. What a great job!

5) Candy Store Owner
I blame this one on Sweet Jemma Rae’s, the adorable candy shop that was in Lake Geneva once upon a time. I was a little obsessed with it. Funny thing is, I don’t really even like candy. Unless it’s chocolate. I just was in love with the ambiance of the place. So colorful and whimsical! I’d love to work in a place like that all day where everyone who walks through the door is happy! My store would be called The Peppermint Stick. Should I buy the URL now?!

6) FOOD Network Celebrity Chef
Not only would I love to be a fabulous cook, but specifically I’d like to have a job like Giada had where I travel around to awesome places and eat delicious food. Sign me up!

7) Soap Opera Star
This has my name all over it. So I get to be a famous celebrity, work just a couple hours a week while my kids are just a few feet away, can get killed off (when I need some time off of work) and come back to life (whenever I’m ready to step back into my career)? Perfect!

8) Food Critic
Few things sound better than getting paid for eating and critiquing amazing meals by talented chefs, presented by attentive servers, while sitting at the best table in gorgeous restaurants!

9) Hallmark Card Writer
For the past decade+ I’ve toyed with the idea of starting my own greeting card line. Perhaps this will actually come to fruition someday. But for now, I’ll just post about it on my blog.

10) OPI Nail Color Namer
Seriously. I’m so jealous of the people who get to brainstorm names for new nail polishes. Sweet! I definitely think they should make a bbq sauce red color and name it B-B-Cuticle.

Alright, the truth is that I absolutely love my job. Writing allows me to work from home, be fully available to my kids, be creative, and pursue my dreams. There honestly isn’t much that I’d rather do. ‘Cept maybe deliver gorgeous flowers to unsuspecting people like Christian Slater’s character in Bed of Roses.

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