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The Dream Lives, The Legacy Continues

IMG_3020All the feelings were felt at a recent visit to MLK’s old stomping grounds in Atlanta as we toured his childhood home, watched a film of his work, took in his museum, and perused the grounds of his park and memorial.

Heartbreak. Humility. Honor. Disgust. Disappointment. Pride. Gratitude.

I was moved in so many ways. I literally had to walk away from my husband when my embarrassing ugly crying began. I could not regain control of my emotions as the lump in my throat kept my breath shallow and the tears streamed down my face. Everywhere I turned there were heartbreaking images, videos, and statistics. I was overwhelmed by it all.

White fragility, some may call it. I prefer to think of it as being a human. In my mind, anyone with a heartbeat – red, green, purple, black, or white – would be moved to tears reflecting on our nation’s history, how far we’ve come, and how very far we have yet to go. Let us never forget the tremendous strength and leadership of the man that led the charge for a change that was so desperately needed. Dr. King’s impact continues to be experienced today and will be for generations to come. May the dream live and the legacy continue.


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