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Choose Your Words Wisely


“I’m a bad cook.”

“My kids deserve a better mom.”

“I am clueless when it comes to style.”

“I’m not athletic.”

“My post-pregnancy body is gross.”

“I have zero patience.”

“I cannot refrain from sugar.

These are all things that I’ve said to or about myself at some point in my life. I’ve claimed them as truth. As a motto of sorts. Therefore, accepting them as a rule of conduct.

I bet you can relate.

Why do we do this? Why do we say unkind things about ourselves? Things we’d never say to someone else. And even worse, why do we believe those words?

I’m saying no more to the destructive self-talk. I want the words that I speak to become a beautiful, comfortable, inviting house for me to live in.

Like Chandler Bing when he listened to a hypnosis tape, I will begin to utter words of affirmation to myself. “I am a strong, confident woman who doesn’t need to smoke.”

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