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Finding My Roots

IMG_8087My family history has been an obsession of mine ever since I was a kid growing up without my dad. I used to dream about who he was. Who my siblings were. What they looked like. Where they lived. Countless hours were spent staring at my favorite band’s album cover as I wondered if The Jets were my family and I was actually supposed to be one of their band members. [I wish I were joking about this embarrassing fact.] As it turns out, my actual siblings are outstanding human beings who I’m now honored to have in my life. My brother Al has been researching our family history for years and has uncovered some amazing history and introduced us to many of our Maori relatives (albeit via social media). He even visited my dad’s home country of New Zealand and got to tour the family homestead! The journey continued today as a New Zealand TV station came to town to interview Al, my dad, and my step-mom to learn about my dad’s story of relocating to the states many moons ago. I cannot wait to see the final footage that comes out of this unique experience!


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