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Trunk or Treat


Bucking tradition, we headed downtown to experience our first small-town trunk or treat.

Me (thinking I’m so smart): “Let’s go an hour into the event because the lines will have died down by then.”

I was wrong. So wrong.

Turns out, the line was blocks long. And not moving anywhere. After hiking to the end of the looooooong line, my son said “Can we just go home?” And 4 yo Zoey followed suit “Yeah, let’s go home!”

Amen and amen.

We retraced our steps back to the vehicle we’d just piled out of and we were on our way.


Except. I had to go and do it.

I suggested instead that we head over to our tradition of the past couple years, the local church harvest party. In unison my kids yelled “Yeah!!!” while my husband mumbled “No”. My bad.

Image 12-13-18 at 1.42 PM (1)

And yet another oops was when I unintentionally showed up to a church event donning my Orange is the New Black costume (Holla, Alex Vause!). To all the haters, yes I do love the risqué Netflix hit. Not as much as Jesus, you see. But I still love OITNB.

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