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Christmas Card Display


Sending and receiving real mail has always been one of my favorite things. As a kid, I kept in touch with many people all over the country. From my cousins, to pen pals, to my long-distance crush, I sent cards and letters consistently. And what a treat it was to open the mailbox and find an envelope addressed to me! The best was when it contained a special surprise like some stickers or pictures or even dolla dolla dolla bills! This adoration for old-school communication has carried into adulthood for me. Whether it’s a birthday card, a package, or a just-because postcard, I love the act of sending something and anticipating the smile it’ll give the recipient. One of my fave traditions has been mailing out our family Christmas cards. And even better, is when my friends’ cards start rolling in. I know it sounds corny, but I mean it sincerely when I say that opening the mailbox is a delight every single day! Each photo is a treasure to me and I hang them on our wall and keep them up all year long. My husband loves this. 😉 I love seeing so many faces I love on display!

Tip: Grab one of these inexpensive wire sets designed to hang children’s artwork and use them to display your holiday greetings. (Mine is from Ikea.)

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