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It’s as Big as a Whale


For most of my childhood, this burgundy Monte Carlo was my mom’s vehicle. This sweet ride had white leather interior that provided for great sliding back and forth, you know, since no seat belts were worn in the 80’s. (Or was that just in my family?) The downside though was that you’d get a 3rd degree burn in the summertime from the sizzling seats. 00000861

Roughly 22 people could ride in this boat and still have ample leg room. I should know because it was experienced many a time.


From my 2nd story kitchen window in our upstairs duplex, I peered down at my mom’s pride and joy and named the car Custard. Super creative, since my cousin Angel had just told me that’s what she named her mom’s car. [Eye roll.] Though my mom adored her beast mode of transportation, I myself was not sad to see her eventually downsize to something more normal in size. Though I suppose I shouldn’t judge her affinity for ginormous vehicles. After all, I’m cruising’ around in a mom-mobile (aka an Odyssey minivan) and loving every minute of it. Name of my big, black beauty? LaFawnDuh the Honda.

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