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Get Well Soon


I love surprises. And I love delivering them to unsuspecting people. So if Facebook or the gram tips me off to you being under the weather, you’ll probably receive something from me to help you feel better. Like these friendly get well soon mugs.

Some happy mugs
Tea bags
Honey sticks
Plastic gift bags
Colored cardstock
Curling ribbon
Colorful Sharpies

Put an assortment of tea bags inside your mug. Place the mug in a plastic bag (you can buy these specifically for gifts or use a ziplock in a pinch). Tie it with curling ribbon and include a honey stick or several to it. Attach a get well gift card. If you’re a more motivated friend than me, bake some treats (like bread or muffins!) to go along with your tea surprise. Deliver to a friend’s porch either ding-dong-ditch-style or lazy-ish like me where I just send them a text saying there’s a surprise on their front porch. (And for my sickly friends who don’t live near me, I’ve sent this cutie Hey Girl tea to help heal them.)

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