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Orange is the New Black

268x0wHolly’s 1st Attempt: While putting on make-up one morning I was searching for a new show for us to watch. 3 minutes into OITNB I turned it off for fear of what I may see next.
Jeff’s 1 Attempt: While working out at the gym he started watching this show. 30 seconds in (no seriously) he frantically had to turn it off for fear that someone walking by would see the creeper on the elliptical watching porn.
Our 2nd Attempt: After a few months and still no new show I decided we needed to give it a try again. No, not because I love seeing topless women. Because 1) so many people have told me how awesome it is and I knew there was a chance that I’d think it was awesome too 2) I had a feeling that it’s a character show (like LOST) which I completely love.
The Result: I was right. 1) This fantastically casted and acted ensemble show is f*&#ing awesome. 2) It’s totally a character show. Each episode building on the next with flashbacks and everything so you get pieces of their history and how they ended up in prison. I absolutely love it!
Porn?: The show takes place in a women’s prison. It ain’t all pretty. And yes there’s a lot of nakedness. But the writing is so phenomenal that I can forgive the inappropriate scenes.
Bottom Line: I haven’t seen a show this funny since FRIENDS. It’s absolutely hysterical. However, I cannot just make a blanket statement like “check it out”. If you feel convicted (no pun intended) by watching nudity or language then definitely don’t watch this show. If you can get past that to see the absolute gold in this show, then give it a try. But don’t say I didn’t warn ya. This is way more X-rated than the Sopranos days.

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