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If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t)

betty white

30 years after it first premiered, I’m still a huge fan of the brilliant 80’s sitcom – Golden Girls. Therefore I’m still a big fan of Rose, er, Betty White. I just love her. And her memoir? It was certainly whimsical and fun to read about the actor’s life experiences. Bottom Line: I definitely recommend this inspiring glimpse into this passionate and hard-working woman’s past and present.

“I simply love the process. And not just because I can do it sitting on the couch with my shoes off and my dog by my side. Writing is my favorite thing.”
I couldn’t agree more with you, Betty! You know, minus the dog part.

“I make it a point to never let my weight vary more than five pounds in either direction. In terms of my weight, I weigh myself every morning. And if I go up one pound, I take it off the next day.” 
This seems like a smart weight-management program to me!

“Some people think they have a tremendous sense of humor. They make a remark and look at you and say, ‘Did you get it? Did you hear what I just said?’ And it just kills the humor altogether.”
Preach, preacher!

“I am strange for stationary stores. Not for the fancy writing paper – it’s those tablets and packs of lined three-hole notebook pages and those packs of typing paper that turn me on.”
I share her affinity for stationary stores. When I was a kid, my favorite store in the whole touristy Lake Geneva downtown area was called Martin Office Supply. It was the most boring store ever with its rows of metal shelves chock full of, well, office supplies. But this elementary school gal couldn’t get enough of their carbon copy pads of paper. I always wanted a new one. They were used to play restaurant, lay-away, dry-cleaner, and a number of other pretend play activities where you’d need duplicates of your work. [Smirk.] And once I was in junior high, my new favorite downtown LG store was called Miscellaneous. My favorite items to purchase there? Colorful envelopes and paper clips.

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