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Book Review: The Notebook

11077782Be still, my heart. Guys, this book is so swoon-worthy. This is the one. The one. The first book I read as an adult that wasn’t assigned to me. The first book I bought simply for pleasure. The first book I read in one weekend. It was 1998. I left my job at a State Farm agent’s office at 5pm on Friday with the highly recommended read from my boss Everett. I returned to work Monday morning completely changed after having read The Notebook. Not only was I fully terrified of Alzheimer’s, but I also was wholly inspired to read more than ever. And this summer I was inspired to read it again. For the third time. If you’ve never read this book, do it. Yes, even if you’ve seen the movie. And yes, even if you’re skeptical of Sparks books. Or think you’re not a romance fan. You will absolutely adore it. And you’ll fall in love with your main squeeze all over again, too!Posternotebook

Also, I highly suggest that you simultaneously watch the film while reading the novel. It looked like this for me…watch some of the movie while working out in the morning. Listen to the audiobook throughout my day. Compare the two, paying attention to the creative freedoms the director took when filming the beautifully written story. I loved the eye candy that the film was. Such a perfect time capsule of days gone by. And perfectly cast for the two main characters and even supporting actors. I was moved once again by this timeless work of art. Re-read/watch this classic and let me know your thoughts!

Bonus points if you watch the commentaries by the author and the director. Both were truly fascinating!

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