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Sleepy in Seattle

It’s been on my Top 10 list of cities to travel to for years. The dream was finally realized last weekend! The Emerald City held lots of adventure for our short time there. In fact, so much fun was had that I was sleepy all weekend long. (Though I partially blame the contact high I got from just breathing in the Seattle air.) From bike rides to uphill hikes, noshing on delicious seafood to chomping on bubble gum (and leaving it on the wall), witnessing an epic fish toss to seeing the view from the Space Needle, enjoying a sunset sail to visiting the original Starbucks, seeing the Grey’s Anatomy house to riding the Seattle Great Wheel. I feel we made the most of our time in Washington!

Things I didn’t get to see while there included the creepy troll sculpture, Bruce and Brandon Lee’s gravesite, the Sleepless in Seattle boathouse, and a hike up Mt. Ranier. What else would you add to my must-see list for this west-coast city?

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