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All Your Life

There’s just somethin’ about summer that makes me rekindle my flame for country music. Especially when those twangy songs are as well-written as
The Band Perry’s. I’m not even a song-writer, but this little tune makes me curse myself for not writing it first!


Flashback: I recall a summer…

Side Note: You know those people who recall in an instant the year that their memory took place?  I want that ability! Is that something people are born with? Or do you gain that as you age? Like when I’m in my 80’s I’ll be able to say without reservation “It was back in the summer of ’94…”

Flashback to flashback: Ok, now that I think of it, it was the summer of ’94. My summer was spent working in an office upstairs from Fancy Fair Mall in downtown Lake Geneva. It was my first experience with event planning and I looooooved it! I worked for Country Lightning (now known as Country Thunder). We prepped the event that thousands of people attended that summer. I was honored to be a part of the behind-the-scenes excitement! I listened to country music all summer and got to see some amazing shows during the weekend’s festivities – Brooks and Dunn, Tanya Tucker, John Berry, Charlie Daniels and a bunch more! There’s just something about country music that makes life feel simpler. No? I love that! So lately, with the higher temperatures, I’m really loving the sounds of The Band Perry’s. Their sweet ditty All Your Life not only makes me love country music more, it makes me love the boy who’ll love me all my life more, too. Plus, the video has a Circus theme!

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