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Happy 5th Birthday, Zoey!

There’s a lot to love about Miss Zoey Addison. But in honor of her 5th birthday, here are…5 things I love about Zoey:

  1. She is silly and playful. Zoey is always animated and has the best expressions for everything. Even everyday tasks are more entertaining when she’s around because of the hilarious faces she makes while completing them. She absolutely loves to giggle and make people laugh.
  2. She’s a good friend. Luckily, her best friend lives right next door so they get to play daily and they absolutely love their time together. But Zoey is also one of my best friends. She’s sweet and supportive to me, noticing when I need some cheering. She’s such a special pal and a joy to be around.
  3. She’s an excellent snuggler. Though she isn’t affectionate with just anyone, she certainly is with her dad and me. For this, I’m truly grateful. The first thing she does in the morning is come find us to get some cuddles. And throughout the day she pauses her play to get some “Mommy snuggles times”.
  4. She is a great shopping buddy. Honestly, I don’t love shopping. But give me an hour or two at Target or TJ Maxx with Zoey and I’m a happy girl. Zoey relishes her time wandering down each aisle perusing the goods. She offers suggestions for things I should buy and she rarely ever complains.
  5. She is super smart. From a very young age, we began to notice our tiny tot’s intelligence. As she’s grown, we continue to be amazed at her level of comprehension. _MG_8411.jpgHappy 5th Birthday, sweet girl!

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