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Mommy-Daughter Date: Fro-Yo

It’s important to me to expose our kids to all the different sports that they can be a part of. I want my son and (especially) my daughters to know that they can do whatever they are passionate about. Thankfully we live in a fabulous city that has any athletic event available to attend. What a great way to introduce littles to all kinds of sports! So with free tickets to the girls’ volleyball game in hand (read: football tickets from today got you into the v-ball game for free), Keira and I were dressed and ready to cheer on our Fighting Illini. We were pumped!

To our disappointment, after walking miles (well, maybe it was just a block or two, but who’s counting) to get to the building, the game was sold out. Boo! There were probably hundreds of people who didn’t get into the game. We all just stood there stunned and saddened that we missed our chance to cheer the Illini girls on to another undefeated victory. Nevertheless, I was determined to get a date with my favorite gal. The solution: take her to a new frozen yogurt place in town. And let’s be honest, the best dates are all about the food anyway.

We happily noshed on our fro-yo and chatted about world topics. How the lady at the game wouldn’t let us in. About the woman with a walker that was scary. Why I didn’t want cereal in my dish. All kinds of interesting conversations!

True story: At the football game today, I was teasing the kid next to us about his candy choice and explaining how nobody likes Mike ‘n Ikes. What’dya know? My kid chooses the a generous spoonful of the disgusting chewy candy for her yogurt topping.

Note to self: Never let someone take a pic of me from this view again.

Note to you, dear reader: Date your kids. Little kids. Big kids. Kids who have kids of their own. Take them to lunch, to sporting events, do something active together. Never ever stop pursuing your people!

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