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Stay Golden


Christmas Day hasn’t even arrived yet, but I’m calling it – this Golden Girls Chia Pet is my favorite gift of 2018! It arrived today from my mama and my nostalgic heart is overflowing! Not only has the 1980’s NBC sitcom remained a fave of mine throughout my life, but the partnership with Chia Pet (another piece of my childhood) is pure genius!

When I was a little girl, I’d spend most of my weekends at my grandparent’s house while my mom played drums in a band. My time with my Grandma and Grandpa Deering was cherished. I had my own room in their 2-bedroom ranch and I felt completely at home there. I’d arrive on those evenings around 6:30, just in time to catch the end of Wheel of Fortune with them. Right around that time, Grandpa would proclaim that he wanted a “treat”. Together we’d venture up the step from the sunk-in living room (Side note: I now absolutely LOVE steps down to living rooms!) and rummage through the kitchen to find something that suited his sweet tooth. Diabetes, be damned! Typically some kind of ice cream bar did the trick. (Butterfinger ice cream bars were one of our faves!) We’d spend the rest of the evening parked in front of the giant TV that sat on the floor watching their “programs”. The seating arrangements were always the same – me on the couch (you know the one, the rough fabric scratched your skin) and each of them in their respective patterned recliner chairs. One of my favorite shows that we watched (if I could stay awake until 8pm) was The Golden Girls. Funny, since this show was targeted toward 50+-year-old women and I was in elementary school. Regardless, the show cracked me up. Sure, I probably didn’t understand most of the adult humor. But what I did understand was that Rose’s naivety partnered with Dorothy and Sophia’s sarcasm was pure hilarity. Much like I expect the growth of this perfectly coifed plant-hair Chia Pet will be!

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