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Book Review: Seinfeldia


After my obsession watching Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, this find seemed like an obvious choice for a light-hearted read. And it was just that. It was chock full of all kinds of Seinfeld behind-the-scenes info. I probably would’ve liked it better if it were maybe half the length that it was. (It was about an 11-hour long book.) Even still, all the info in it was rather interesting, so the length didn’t bother me too much. Now I’m motivated to watch the syndicated program and recall all the trivia I learned from Seinfeldia.

  • It was entertaining to hear how many of the completely ridiculous storylines came straight from the writers’ real life experiences.
  • Michael Richards had a melt down at one of his shows years ago that labeled him as a racist and basically ended his career in comedy.
  • Though Seinfeld was offered a reported $5M (maybe more?) per episode (up from his $1M/show) to continue the show past the 9th season, he turned it down.
  • The George Castanza character is based on the real-life co-creator Larry David.
  • After the show ended, there was a “Seinfeld curse” where the actors had a hard time getting jobs.
  • The finale aired in May of 1998. It was penciled in on my calendar and I drove up to my fiancé’s bachelor pad after my workday ended to watch the famed sitcom’s farewell. It ended up being the 3rd most watched finale (after Cheers and something else). After all the hype, it was a tremendous disappointment. It didn’t even feel like a Seinfeld episode. Turns out, the world agreed with my opinion. Fans hated it.
  • Yet the show appears in syndication still 20 years later as one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

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