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Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face

IMG_4576This Christian author was inspiring as a woman, a Jesus-lover, a mom, and a writer. Her authenticity was wonderful. She wasn’t overly preachy and she was honest about the brokenness from her past. Her heart for adoption and her heart-wrenching story through the process was heartfelt. I loved the recounting of her relationship with her boyfriend now husband and the redemption that rose out of it. And the reminder to not believe the lies the enemy tells us is so poignant. As it turns out, sometimes Satan speaks the lies at such a low volume that even the listener doesn’t detect that they are being spoken. (My words, not hers.) This book was wonderful to listen to (with the exception of the heartbreaking section on her brother who committed suicide). I highly recommend this read no matter what lies you’re currently believing. You’ll close the book with a more optimistic outlook on life and a replenished love for yourself!

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