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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

IMG_4407Ever since I read Throw Out Fifty Things my life has been changed. I am no longer getting buried alive under child-sized clothes and toys with pieces missing. Instead, I purge things regularly so as not to have so much clutter in my house. (To a fault if you ask my kids. But who’s asking those hoarders?) I regularly donate or give away things that I rarely use knowing that someone else will put the items to better use than me. And I try to make thought-provoking purchases, only spending money on things I actually will use. (But that blasted Target gets me every time.) Even still, every once in a while I need a refresher. Marie Kondo’s book (with the ridiculously long title) was perfect to kick me back into organizational gear. The author may be a little too passionate about tidying (a word I never ever use). But her love for something so mundane was contagious and made me equally excited about getting my home in better order. With the start of a fresh year, this is a perfect book to help someone who’s motivated to bring more order to their home and life.

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